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Okay, Which One of You Left 800 Used Adult Diapers on the Side of the Road?

LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department in northwest Indiana has a seriously crappy situation on their hands: Someone has been throwing adult diapers along the side of rural roads in several townships, and they’re … used.

So far, the cops have discovered more than 800 used adult diapers on the roadside in LaPorte County, and they have no idea where they’re coming from. Authorities found a bunch last fall, but once the spring thaw melted all the snow, it revealed a treasure trove of used diaps littered across miles and miles of land. 

Captain Mike Kellems called the incident confounding, adding, “There’s no reason you just couldn’t throw it in a trash can, go to a dumpster somewhere and throw it in a dumpster. Just dispose of it naturally.”

If police do capture the suspect, they intend to prosecute him for being a shitty person. [Cymbal noises.]


800 Used Adult Diapers Left on Side of the Road