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Pope Francis Still Upset About All the Pizza He Is Not Eating

A man shows a pizza made for pope Francis during the weekly general audience in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican on March 11, 2015.
Photo: Eric Vandeville /Sipa USA

It’s been two months since Pope Francis’s last confession that he misses pizza. He just wanted you to know, in case you wanted an update on his pizza cravings (they are still there). He would also like to add that he specifically misses pizza eaten in a pizza parlor. “Ordering one in the Vatican,” he says, “is not the same thing.” So thanks for the people who hand-delivered a pizza to the Pope Mobile, but, sigh … it’s so lonely eating a pizza by yourself, especially when Angela Merkel keeps promising to eat pizza with you and then doesn’t follow through. However, the pope does not miss television, although he can strangely remember the exact day he stopped watching it (July 15, 1990). But he does miss pizzerias, did he tell you? 

Pope Francis Still Upset About Pizza