America’s Potential First Man Brags About His Almond Milk Addiction

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Bill Clinton, the husband of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, couldn’t help bring up his favorite thing in the whole world while speaking at an event in Morocco on Thursday. Almond milk! “I may be the largest per-capita consumer of almond milk in the world,” the vegan fashion icon and potential first spouse said. This was no secret, however. Clinton has spoken to several magazines and news outlets about his love of healthy eating and almond milk smoothies. Clinton has not yet addressed whether an almond-milk-loving spouse could cause problems in Iowa, if he plans to continue Michelle Obama’s healthy-eating initiatives if he replaced her at the White House, or if the fact that he may (or may not) be responsible for the droughts in California owing to the fact that he admittedly drinks more almond milk than anyone else could be an electoral liability. 

Potential First Man Talks Almond Milk