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Quadruple Murder Suspect Captured in Washington, D.C.

Photo: Cliff Owen/AP Photo

Daron Dylon Wint, who is the main suspect in last week’s brutal quadruple murder in Washington, D.C., was captured in the capital on Thursday night. He was traveling with two women in a white Chevrolet Cruze. The car, driven by one of the women, was following a box truck driven by two men — one who may have been related to Wint. The federal Marshals who stopped the vehicles found $10,000 inside the truck.

All people involved were taken into custody.

The search for Wint stretched north to Brooklyn, where authorities believed he had been at some point in the past week. Police officers talked to his girlfriend, who said she saw Wint and believed he was going to D.C. to surrender.

Relatives of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos and their 10-year-old son, Philip, who were killed last week along with their housekeeper, Vera Figueroa, released a statement after the arrest. “While it does not abate our pain,” it said, “we hope that it begins to restore a sense of calm and security to our neighborhood and to our city.”

Wint previously worked for American Iron Works. About a decade ago, several people — including Wint’s father, Dennis, petitioned for restraining orders against him. The suspect had several other run-ins with the legal system in Maryland and Oswego.

When the Washington Post called up Wint’s father to discuss the murder yesterday, he told them, “I really am not in the mood to talk to any reporters,” and hung up.

Quadruple Murder Suspect Captured in D.C.