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MTA Hopes Fake Second Avenue Subway Will Make You Forget It Still Hasn’t Finished Real Second Avenue Subway

Photo: David Troncoso/Getty Images

The MTA still isn’t done with the Second Avenue subway, a construction project that is quite literally 40 years in the making. To distract you from this inconvenient fact, they’ve created a Second Avenue Subway simulator: It’s like you have a convenient east-side subway line, but you don’t! At all.

The simulator, located at the MTA information office on Second and 84th, allows you to drive a virtual-reality subway car through the Second Avenue tunnels. You score points if you properly bring the train to a smooth stop. Going too fast or jolting to a stop will anger the passengers and lower your score. 

This is some weird, passive-aggressive MTA jujitsu, isn’t it?

Second Avenue Subway Simulator