Someone Left a Very Old and Dusty Casket on the Street in Brooklyn

A couple called 911 on Wednesday morning with a strange report. They had found an old and dusty casket on Pilling Street in Bushwick when they were trying to park their car. 

The NYPD’s 83rd Precinct searched Evergreen Cemetery, right near where the casket, covered in old, dried mud, had been found, and found no disturbed graves. PIX11 reached out to another cemetery nearby, Trinity, which also said that no graves had been disturbed on the premises. Officers tweeted out a photo of the casket yesterday, saying that “nobody knows” who did it, but they do know that it was definitely “not cool.”

Inside the dilapidated coffin, which was determined to be around 25 years old, were a few human bones and some trash. The area where it was found is a popular spot to leave unwanted furniture and trash — categories of refuse that do not include “a coffin that was in use for decades by someone before it was displaced to a street in Brooklyn.”

Someone Left a Casket on the Street in Brooklyn