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Someone Wrote a Rap Song for Ted Cruz

Photo: Richard Ellis/Getty Images

The Christian band We Are Watchmen, who define themselves as “the voice of the Founding speaking in the contemporary tongue,” have delivered one of the burgeoning election cycle’s first musical epics with their track “Set It on Fire.” Their bold and unlikely selection of rap as the best genre for rocking out to Ted Cruz’s bona fides makes the effort all the more earnest and endearing. There’s even a singsongy chorus, and lyrics like: “Make D.C. listen, switch off the dead news, the lamestream media feeding us the Fed stew. Collectivism, everyone’s a victim like the reds do. And for our next president, we’re all in for Ted Cruz.” 

Plus, as the band makes clear on their website, they are in this for all the far-right reasons: 

We Are Watchmen is a movement that uses music and message to mobilize American Christians to civic duty. Music. Message. Movement. Just as many churches in Germany sang louder on Sunday mornings to drown out the sounds of wailing Jews in boxcars on the way to the concentration camps, the majority of pulpits and pews in the American churches have been willfully ignoring the stench of blatant evil rising in this once godly nation.

Anyway, be the ones we are waiting for who watch the Watchmen lyric video: