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Town in Washington Can’t Decide If Putting Stuffed Tiger on Car Is Hilarious or Terrifying

On Tuesday, Connor Zuvich of Camas, Washington, learned that abusing stuffed animals is not a crime. He and his friends were hanging out when someone drove by and dumped a giant stuffed tiger. The group took the next logical step and strapped the thing on top of their SUV, driving around town as other drivers honked and gave them thumbs-up. Someone, believing that a live tiger was cruising around town, called 911. When the police officer pulled over Zuvich’s SUV, he took a picture, laughed, and drove away. However, as the local newspaper noted, “If it had been a real Bengal tiger, Zuvich would have had some explaining to do. Keeping large cats such as lions and tigers as pets isn’t allowed in Washington.” Dogs Against Romney has not made a public statement about this incident, nor made plans to go protest in Washington, as far as Daily Intelligencer knows.

Stuffed Tiger Terrorizes Town in Washington