Sweet 16 Party Ruined by Poop Rain

Photo: FOX 29

When you plan your Sweet 16 as a teenage girl, there are several things you worry about possibly ruining the party. For example: that your crush won’t show up, that you won’t get all the presents you want, or that your parents will embarrass you by enforcing the “no grinding” rule. Unfortunately for a Philadelphia-area teen named Jacinda, her Sweet 16 party pooper was literal poop.

According to My Fox Philly, human waste rained down from the sky just after Jacinda blew out the candles on her cake, coating her guests and the rented canopy in feces. Her family believes the waste came from planes that were flying overhead and may have improperly disposed of the aircraft’s bathroom contents. 

Out of nowhere, from the sky, comes a bunch of feces, lands on her,” Jacinda’s dad told Fox.

The only thing more embarrassing than your party being ruined by poop rain is having your dad tell the local news about it afterwards.

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV