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8 Actually Good Things That Happened This Week

It’s the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, and if your boss has even a shred of a soul, he’ll let you out before the clock strikes 5 p.m. If you’re stuck in the office, stuck in traffic, or already relaxing on the beach, dive into these eight actually good things that happened this week.

1. Red Nose Day raised over $10 million for children living in poverty. Actors, singers, and other Hollywood big shots came together on Thursday for a fund-raising show that yielded over $10 million in donations for nonprofits that focus on improving the lives of children. 

2. A brilliant teen invented a way to keep germs from spreading on airplanes. Seventeen-year-old Raymond Wang won the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, taking home $75,000 for his innovative project that focuses on stemming the spread of germs in airplane cabins. Wang created a device that modifies the airflow in the cabin to keep airplanes less germy and to help keep travelers from getting sick.

3. This baby learned that she really, really loves the sound of ripping paper. That laugh!

4. The L Train is back. For now, at least. The hipster caravan will actually be running between Manhattan and Brooklyn this weekend, making it impossible for you to say no to your friend who invited you to that barbecue in Williamsburg.

5. An innovative new robot helped a paralyzed man drink his own beer. The robotic limb is controlled with thoughts, and “taps into a different part of the brain than most, which its creators say may give its paralyzed users an easier learning curve and allow for more fluid movements,” says the Washington Post. Erik G. Sorto was able to use it to successfully sip a beer all by himself.

6. The Bronx Zoo got its very own “fairy penguins.” They only weigh three pounds and they’re adorable.

7. The Boy Scouts may finally end its ban on gay leaders. The president of the organization, Robert Gates, called for an end to the practice, stating that discrimination laws in dozens of states make the policy unsustainable. Also, it’s a shitty policy.

8. A cat who was burned in a house fire has taken to snuggling with other injured pets at the animal hospital. Russell the cat was severely injured when his family’s house caught fire, but instead of getting angry at his situation, he’s made the best of it. Russell regularly spends time with other animals brought in for treatment at Raleigh’s Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care Center, where he cheers them up with snuggles and playtime.

And of course, Russell the man has been showing Darla the ropes and sharing his bed. (Russell has recently been thinking of chewing his still healing ankles, so he did have to get his e-collar put back on.)

Posted by Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care on Monday, May 18, 2015

We have had a very busy week at the hospital; everyone around here is beat! Here's to a calm and peaceful coming week for us all. 󾰴

Posted by Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care on Sunday, April 19, 2015


8 Truly Good Things That Happened This Week