Yeah, Your Allergies Are Probably Worse Than Usual Today

Photo: Getty Images

Break out the bubble-boy suit or lock yourself in an air-conditioned room with the air purifier turned all the way up: The pollen forecast in New York today is hilariously high, and it’s probably making you miserable. The pollen tsunami is real!

The long weekend was kind of an allergy hellscape, and today we’ll get no relief. The pollen count is at a 9.3 out of 10 today, with tree pollen at especially high levels. Luckily the next few days bring chances of thunderstorms and rising humidity, which will help wash pollen out of the air, according to

Unfortunately, those sniffle-free days will be short-lived. The pollen count is expected to shoot back up by Friday, because life is a tapestry of never-ending misery punctuated by brief phases of mild relief.


Why Your Allergies Are Worse Than Usual Today