You’ve Reportedly Heard Your Last ‘B.S. Report’ Ever

Bill Simmons
Photo: Tiffany Rose/WireImage

ESPN announced last week that it would not renew Bill Simmons’s contract when it expires in September. Now Sports Illustrated reports that Bill Simmons won’t appear on any of the media company’s platforms between now and his official send-off either. The head of Grantland reportedly told staffers that he would no longer appear on the site, and it doesn’t seem like he’ll be doing any more “B.S. Report” podcasts or television appearances. Simmons, who has worked for ESPN for nearly 15 years, has not spoken to the media about his impending departure from the company, and people have filled the void with plenty of theories explaining why he is leaving and what he’ll do next.

You’ve Reportedly Heard Your Last ‘B.S. Report’