102-Year-Old Thinks Presidential Candidates Are Too Old

Photo: Newsmakers/Getty Images

CNN published a story today on how Iowan Republicans are completely overwhelmed by all the choices they’ll have in next year’s caucus. There are nearly 20 expected candidates at this point, and who knows how many more will announce. On the other hand, June E. Cornelius, who is 102 years old, didn’t have trouble narrowing down the field to her favorite. She told CNN that most of the potential presidents were basically disqualified, in her view, and that she would prefer to watch interesting young people. “These are all old men. I think we need young blood. Everybody is running but me.” Her preferred candidate, obviously, is Marco Rubio. The article did not reveal why June trusts the young whippersnappers to run the country more than the slightly older young whipersnappers (at least from the vantage of a centenarian), who probably walked uphill both ways to school.


102-Year-Old Thinks 2016 Candidates Are Too Old