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The Economy Is Feeling Good, and People Are Looking for Jobs Again to Get In On the Fun

Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images

The federal government released the May jobs report on Friday, and it looks better than anyone expected. An estimated 280,000 jobs were added to the economy. Although the unemployment rate creeped up to 5.5 percent, it hinted that people who were driven out of the labor force because jobs were scarce are starting to feel a bit of FOMO and are looking for employment — and often finding it. Hourly wages went up a bit, although progress is still slow, and nearly half of the U.S. part-time workforce wishes it could work more hours. Despite cheap gas and slowly rising wages, people aren’t spending too much yet either. In other words, the economy keeps on keeping on, but plenty of people aren’t feeling it quite yet. 

280,000 Jobs Added in May