Bernie Sanders Forced to Listen to His Rendition of ‘This Land Is Your Land’ on Camera

Senator Bernie Sanders went on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Monday to talk about his presidential bid and roads not taken. Meyers asked the Vermont senator about his brief forays into Fifty Shades of Grey-esque op-eds and avant-garde covers of “This Land Is Your Land.”

So now we have learned that I do bad fiction and bad music,” he conceded. “But I do have some other attributes.” 

Sanders seemed most comfortable, per usual, when segueing into his platform, discussing income inequality and his distaste for the Patriot Act. The audience, cheering loudly, seemed to prefer Sanders in his natural habitat — rattling off facts — the most, too. 

The presidential candidate also discussed his hair — and defined Democratic socialism — as Daily Intelligencer has previously noted is a necessity of all coverage of the senator

That was after the electric shock,” Sanders deadpanned. 

Bernie Sanders Forced to Listen to Himself Sing