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Bill de Blasio Takes Controversial Stand Against Height Equality

“What, also, about height inequality? What about a situation where the one-percenters tower in their ivory legs, over the hoi polloi, the proletarian, who may be closer to the rats, the gutter, the subway? How do you redistribute?”

Jon Stewart, who is five-seven, posed this question to Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is six-seven, on Tuesday night. 

De Blasio then announced, for the first time, that he does not believe that heigh inequality is an issue that needs addressing. “I’m kind of Darwinian on this one,” he said.

De Blasio later got to talk about the things he was on The Daily Show to promote — the shiny, new progressive agenda, complete with a minimum-wage hike and mores taxes on the wealthy, that he has been touring around the country with.

Bill de Blasio Talks to Jon Stewart