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Chris Christie Is ‘Telling It Like It Is’ in First Campaign Video

Chris Christie is expected to officially enter the already-crowded Republican 2016 field on Tuesday, and over the weekend he got things started by repeatedly tweeting out a link to his new campaign website. Then in a video posted Sunday night, he explained that his “blunt” style can be attributed to growing up with an Irish father and a Sicilian mother (which he often discusses in his speeches). Important details such as where he’s from (New Jersey), what he’s done for the state (a “record number of credit downgrades” and “lingering pension problems,” as the New York Times puts it), and why you probably know his name already (late-night jokes about his scandal-plagued administration) are omitted. It’s also a bit disappointing that he went with the tagline “Telling It Like It Is” when there are so many Springsteen songs that would make great campaign slogans. (How do you pass up “I’m on Fire … About Overhauling Social Security”?)

Christie ‘Telling It Like It Is’ in 2016 Video