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How to Cover Up Your Confederate-Flag Tattoo

Photo: Courtesy of Gailz Tattooz

For the states that continue to fly the Confederate flag and the retailers that continue to sell it, disassociating themselves from the notorious piece of racist iconography is a fairly simple process: They lower the flag or they purge their inventory. The same cannot be said for the many Americans with the flag tattooed on their bodies. Laser removal is an option, but so is a tasteful cover-up. And if you look around the bowels of the internet long enough, you can find plenty of examples of the latter. Have you also permanently marked your body with this reminder of America’s hateful history? Here are a few ways to cover it up.

With a growling bear (above).

With an eagle and the American flag.

With some roses and a gun.

With a big blue flower.

With a buck and some leaves.

With a zombie koi.

With a black bandanna.

With a burning skull and engine.

With a clock/skull.

With a rose.

With the American flag.

With a giant peacock.

With a “Doberman skull wearing a Special Ops beret.”

So a guy walks into a tattoo shop and asks the artist if he could cover his Tasmanian Devil holding a Rebel flag with a Doberman skull wearing a Special Ops beret......

Posted by Tracy K. Tattooer on Friday, January 30, 2015
How to Cover Up Your Confederate-Flag Tattoo