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Jeb Bush Ready to Excite Voters With Newish Logo

Jeb Bush’s unofficial (until tomorrow) presidential campaign has released a new official logo that is devoid of “Bush” but still punctuated with enthusiasm:

Like the candidate it represents, the design is a somewhat-updated reboot of a version used for previous campaigns:

And as is their way, Twitter folks are providing some thoughtful analysis of Jeb’s new icon:

Jeb’s not-really-new design also harkens back to the 1996 presidential campaign of Lamar Alexander, who left the GOP primary race after placing third in Iowa and New Hampshire, then advised Bob Dole’s unsuccessful presidential bid:

But senior adviser to the Bush campaign and exclamation-point-lover Mike Murphy is already quick to defend the logo:

Not the first criticism Hillary Clinton’s logo has received, of course, but for a compelling defense of her design, as well as reviews and rankings of the other 2016 candidates’ design schemes, check out this Medium post.