last week tonight with john oliver

John Oliver Imagines Robert Durst’s Children’s Book, Good-bye, Jail

Last Week Tonight tackled the bail system in the United States on Sunday, noting how it often ends up sending poor people to jail while wealthy people tend to get off pretty easy. 

And if you can’t make bail, the options you have left, as John Oliver notes, tend to look like a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill with Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Oliver also looked at bounty hunters and the many attempts to make reality TV out of all this. The ease with which rich people avoid all of these problems was summed up by imagining Robert Durst’s explanation for avoiding jail after being accused of murder in Texas as the children’s book Good-bye, Jail.

Good-bye, money. Good-bye, bail. I killed them all, but good-bye, jail.”

As promised, Oliver also drank a Bud Light Lime to celebrate Sepp Blatter’s plans to resign from his role as president of FIFA.

John Oliver Discusses the U.S. Bail System