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John Oliver Bought Ad Time in Trinidad So He Could Complain About FIFA More

John Oliver is continuing to offer the Justice Department help with their FIFA investigation through vigilante soliloquies — this time in Trinidad. The Last Week Tonight host bought airtime on TV6 in the middle of an episode of Mike & Molly called, according to Oliver, “Melissa McCarthy Still Can’t Get Out of Her CBS Contract,” to discuss former (and indicted) FIFA official Jack Warner. 

If you aren’t familiar with soccer or the FIFA investigation, you might remember Warner as the guy who used an Onion article to prove that the U.S.’s motives in tackling the soccer organization were not so pure. 

Oliver, who spoke for about four minutes, hoped that Warner might have been watching Mike & Molly out there somewhere. “I am begging you, release everything,” he said. “Here’s my argument: Why the hell not? It’s not like you’re not already potentially in a lot of trouble. Seriously, I’ve been looking through the indictment, and good luck with that.” He also said that Warner had the opportunity to make a lot of people laugh, just like informant Chuck Blazer and his cat apartment. 

The segment was titled “The Mittens of Disapproval Are On,” a riff on Warner’s own FIFA spin ad buy called “The Gloves Are Off.”

John Oliver Talks to Trinidad About FIFA