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New Job Opportunity at Library of Congress: Must Know How to Use Internet

The Great Hall in the Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress, Washington DC, United States of America, North America
Photo: Gavin Hellier/Corbis

Dr. James H. Billington said on Wednesday that he will retire from his role as Librarian of Congress at the end of the year. Billington, who is 86, was nominated to take the job by President Reagan in 1987. His colleagues, who have been complaining about Billington for some time, have some requests for Obama, who will get to pick his replacement. Namely, they would like a leader who uses email and doesn’t have a fax machine at his house, i.e., someone who might be able to help them put the Library of Congress’s resources online. Someone who doesn’tlash out at people and yell at them and throw things” would be nice too. 

Librarian of Congress Retires