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Meanwhile, on the Upper West Side: ‘Dog Racism’

Puppy Labrador retriver cream in front of white background and facing the camera
Photo: Eric Issel/

As America is embroiled in a charged dialogue about what it means to be black, some residents of the Upper West Side are grappling with something a little more important: “dog racism.”

Residents of the luxury condo building 170 West End Avenue are currently fighting with the board over their right to keep dog breeds the board deems unacceptable. The newly instituted policy requires residents to acquire a certificate from their veterinarian detailing their pet’s breed, down to the percentage point. According to the policy, some dogs “are not permitted to reside in the building based upon documented information regarding their tendency towards aggressiveness.” 

It’s like dog racism essentially,” one resident told DNAinfo. “It’s beyond offensive, it’s intrusive.”

I was totally on your side until you said “dog racism.”