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Porky Pileup Puts Police in a Pickle

A truck filled with 2,200 baby pigs traveling from South Carolina to Indiana overturned in Ohio on Monday night. Many of those that survived escaped, and law-enforcement officials are trying to figure out how to find hundreds of piglets hiding in the woods. Xenia Township fire chief Dean Fox says“If somebody finds a pig and wants to turn it in, call the local law enforcement and we’ll try to take care of it.” He’s not sure that authorities will ever be able to track down all of them.

I can’t say what will happen to the pigs,” he said, adding that “there’s quite a few dead pigs” too. As many as 400 pigs were killed; others will have to be euthanized because of injuries. About 1,500 of the piglets are being kept at a local fairground. Authorities had to collect the pigs by picking them up by their hind legs while they squealed loudly. One officer remarked that they were a bit “feisty.”

The road where the truck turned over opened up after being closed for eight hours.