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Time Warner Cable Actually, Statistically the Worst

Photo: Mark Lennihan/AP/Corbis

A new survey from the American Customer Satisfaction Index reveals what you already knew deep in your heart: Time Warner is the actual worst.

Satisfaction in all cable companies has reached new lows, according to the survey of 70,000 people. Comcast scored 54 out of 100, down from its 2013 score of 60, but it’s Time Warner Cable that really takes home the prize.

TWC scored a whopping 51, which is not only the lowest score for a cable company, but the lowest score of any of the 300 companies included in the survey — and they surveyed 1800-Flowers, which failed to deliver my mom’s Mother’s Day flowers twice. Time Warner even scored worse than BP, which dumped a bunch of toxic gunk in the ocean that literally killed baby dolphins, then lied about it. 

Time Warner: officially worse than dolphin killers.

Time Warner Cable Statistically the Worst