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Wisconsin Town Council Unanimously Agrees That Baby Kangaroos Aren’t Service Animals

The Beaver Dam Common Council in Wisconsin unanimously passed an ordinance on Tuesday clarifying that the only service animals permitted in town are dogs and miniature horses. 

The change in legislation was prompted by Jimmy the therapy kangaroo’s visit to McDonald’s in February. 

Diane Moyer — who owns baby kangaroos, goats, and a llama — doesn’t “know what their problem is. I think they’ve learned to pick on us and pick on the disabled and that’s exactly what they’re doing to me. Taking my rights away from me to be happy and to have Jimmy.” Moyer told another news station, “He really helped me get through my cancer. I don’t know what I would have done without him.”

Moyer is not the first woman to fight for the right to keep her therapy kangaroo. Christie Carr in Oklahoma had to move to a zoo in order to keep her therapy kangaroo, Irwin.

Jimmy will have to permanently move to a farm in Columbia, Wisconsin, because of the change in local law, where he will no longer be able to convince reporters to feed him diet root beer.

Town Decides Kangaroos Aren’t Service Animals