Wanted: People Who Still Like Chris Christie

Photo: Nicholas Kamm

A new Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll shows that there are still people left in New Jersey who liked Governor Chris Christie — though they are an increasingly endangered species. Only 30 percent of voters think he is doing a good job — a 6 percent drop from April. Twenty-four percent of voters like both Christie and his policies.

Christie seems to be moving quickly through the stages of grieving for his dying popularity. He is past the denial he showcased last month, when he insisted that New Jersey residents didn’t want him to run for president because they were afraid he would leave them, and appears to have moved on to bargaining by trying to find the missing 70 percent of Christie fans in states that are not New Jersey. Christie, who has not announced a presidential bid just yet, is hiring more staffers in New Hampshire, a state that almost has the same name as New Jersey, and he took a trip to Iowa earlier this month.

However, recent polls have Christie with the support of only 4 percent of Iowa Republicans, and 5 percent of New Hampshire Republicans. Time to keep searching for fans, Christie. They must be somewhere out there