Watch Out for Flash Floods Today, New York

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After strong thunderstorms hit the New York area last night, the FDR looked more like a river than it did a highway. Unfortunately, we can expect more of the same today, with the National Weather Service issuing a flash-flood watch for the New York City area through Tuesday night.

It will pour on and off all day today, with periods of heavy storms dumping up to two to three inches of rain per hour. This could cause flash flooding, particularly in “urban and poor drainage areas,” warns the National Weather Service. Cool way to kick off June, huh?

Last night, heavy rains caused power outages and flooding in parts of Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens. One man even lost his $135,000 BMW to the rising waters on the Long Island Expressway. Poor guy.

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The rain and cool temperatures will continue through Tuesday, so plan to not leave your bed until then.