Black Cat Terrorizes New York Suburb

In the town of Pearl River, 20 miles north of Manhattan, Fourth of July is the new Halloween. A ferocious, possibly rabid black cat has been attacking residents of the Rockland County community since the holiday weekend.

Local police issued a reverse 911 call on Monday, warning residents to be on the lookout for the feline after several people were bitten and scratched. The cat is reportedly exhibiting signs consistent with rabies, and according to CBS New York, at least one victim has already begun rabies treatment, choosing not to wait until police capture and test the cat. Chris McKiernan told CBS about his encounter with the rogue feline, which he kept at bay with a trash-can lid. “It was strange because it didn’t make a whole lot of noise like cats usually do,” he said. “It was real quiet, and stared at me and had blood on its mouth. It was a little surreal.”

Local authorities are still searching for the cat, and most residents are keeping their pets and children safely inside. No word on whether Netflix is seeing a spike in Cujo viewings in the area.