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Book: Jim Webb Almost Killed a Biker

Barack Obama Campaigns In Virginia
Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Here’s a story about the time Virginia senator and Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb almost killed a biker with his bare hands. It comes from Inside Reagan’s Navy, a book written by former U.S. ambassador to Qatar and onetime Pentagon official Chase Untermeyer, which was unearthed by the Daily Beast:


I had him by the hair and was beating his head on the sidewalk when he suddenly went limp on me,” Webb recounted. “Then it came to me: I had killed the fucking son of a bitch, and I would be put on report back at the Academy! So I revived him—whereupon he came to and kicked me in the head about ten times till I was able to grab his leg… Moral: Show no mercy in a fight.”

Book: Jim Webb Almost Killed a Biker