Clinton Campaign Finally Letting People See Its Boring Brooklyn Office

Hillary Clinton Meets With Supporters In Sioux City
Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton’s campaign office in Brooklyn — where the candidate doesn’t even keep an office (she prefers midtown) — is finally open to visitors after being considered an off-the-record space for three months. Politico stopped by for a look today.

After swearing never to reveal any “Confidential Information” that could be contained within the office’s walls (“Confidential Information” is capitalized, deitylike, on the confidentiality agreement), the reporter was allowed inside. She found the interior-design equivalent of an email about how to use a fax machine and proved that no-fun secrets are sometimes just boring office spaces filled with empty walls and empty offices, bean bags, and an air-hockey table. Oh, and “a dark painting of two suited men holding plates and silverware in preparation to eat another man, who appears to be dead.” 


Clinton Finally Letting People See Boring Office