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Drivers Forced to Flee After a Brushfire Crosses a Freeway Near Los Angeles

Photo: Television Screencap/@TenaNBCLA/Twitter

Yesterday afternoon in Southern California, weekend-bound drivers found themselves living out scenes from a traffic apocalypse when a 3,500-acre brushfire blew across Interstate 15 about 55 miles from Los Angeles. Hundreds of people were forced to flee their cars, and some 20 vehicles were ultimately destroyed, though only two minor injuries were reported, according to the Associated Press. Interstate 15 is mostly used to travel between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and the region where the fire occurred, like most of California, is still suffering from a devastating drought. As of this morning, the blaze is still only 5 percent contained. Unsurprisingly, the flaming traffic jam has yielded some bizarre and remarkable images:

Drivers Flee Traffic Inferno Near Los Angeles