Authorities Catch Inmate Who Escaped Through Open Door and Then Allegedly Killed Someone He Knew

Photo: WPXI

Robert Crissman, who only had to be in jail for a few more days after a probation violation on drug and theft charges, simply ran away from the Armstrong County Jail in western Pennsylvania while he was moving inmate meals from a truck. “The doors were open so he could carry in meal trays, and he just walked away,” Sheriff William Rupert told the APAfter escaping, he allegedly killed Tammy Long, an acquaintance. Long’s boyfriend told authorities that he didn’t know Crissman had escaped from jail when they invited him inside. The boyfriend returned home from work later that day to find Long dead in the bathroom and his truck missing. On Friday morning, Crissman was captured by the Pennsylvania State Police. He had only been in jail since July 24, and had no violent crimes on his record. 

Escaped Inmate Suspected in Murder, Now Captured