Gawker Announces New Leadership

Following a chaotic couple of weeks that saw the poorly-received outing of a Condé Nast executive, the resignation of two top editors, the announcement of a new(ish) editorial mission, and a number of buyouts, things might be starting to settle down at Gawker Media. On Thursday, the International Business Times reported that Gawker (the site and the company) has settled on some (temporary) new leadership.

According to a memo sent to staffers, Gawker Media’s investigations editor, John Cook, will serve as executive editor while the company searches for someone to replace Tommy Craggs. “While I’m in this role, I’ll have ultimate authority over any editorial staffing and personnel matters, in consultation with Nick and [President Heather Dietrick],” Cook wrote.’s acting editor-in-chief, Leah Beckmann, will continue in that role until a permanent replacement for Max Read is found. Hamilton Nolan will replace Beckmann as deputy editor of the site. There’s still no word on that name change idea.