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Giant Water Slide Scheduled to Spread Fun and Germs in Manhattan This August

Aerial view of Manhattan New York
Photo: Cristian Baitg/Copyright Cristian Baitg

The eighth-annual Summer Streets program, when pedestrians and bicyclists banish cars from seven miles of city streets, will take place on August 1, 8, and 15. Besides getting to imagine what life was like before taxis and Uber even existed to fight, this year New Yorkers will get to experience what it would feel like to lie in a sun-warmed puddle in downtown Manhattan. A 270-foot water slide, sponsored by Vita Coco coconut water, will be erected in Foley Square and will feature “the ability to ‘transport yourself to a beach using virtual technology,’” according to Curbed NY. The Slip N’ Slide–esque ride will be free, but you’ll need to go online to get a ticket and arrive 30 minutes early to wait in line. Fortunately for your immune system, you’ll only get to ride once. 

For those who would rather not experience what it would be like to go to a water park bathed in the reflection of tall buildings and only one ride, just watch this video while pointing one of those misting fans at your face. 


Giant Water Slide Coming Downtown in August