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Bad Weather Turns Girl Scouts White House Campout Into Conference-Room Campout

President, First Lady Host Girls Scouts At First-Ever White House Campout
Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Nine times out of ten, if President Obama said, “What are you guys doing in my yard?” during a Tuesday evening, that would be a bad sign. When he’s joking around with 50 Girl Scouts attending the first campout ever hosted on the White House lawn, it’s the adorable exception. 

Michelle Obama, honorary president of the Girl Scouts, invited the almost-fifth-graders over for a night of stargazing, rock climbing, and singing around a campfire of electric lanterns. Obama was impressed by their dulcet tones when he stepped out for a visit, telling one, “You could go on America’s Got Talent? Maybe.” The girls asked for hugs — and Obama, who has many years of political and fatherly experience, suggested they do a group hug instead. Despite the fun, he wasn’t ready to sign up for the Girl Scouts quite yet, according to the Washington Post.


Girl Scouts Campout at White House