Honorary Knight Michael Bloomberg Buys a Fancy London Mansion

This is only the second-nicest parlor in the house. Photo: Courtest of Strutt & Parker

Former mayor of New York, once and future cosmopolitan rich person, and honorary knight Michael Bloomberg just bought another expensive place to live in London, on a street that Mick Jagger and Keith Richards once called home. The mansion, where writer George Eliot lived for less than a month before her death, cost $25 million. Bloomberg, who is currently finishing up new headquarters for his media company in London, has a much smaller apartment about a mile away. The politician, who is basically British conservatives’ Elizabeth Warren when it comes to far-flung electoral speculation, hasn’t revised his opinion that there is “zero chance” of him running in London’s mayoral campaign. Thanks to his new architectural acquisition, however, the “longtime Anglophile” will get to escape from the gossip in his seven bedrooms, or plan how much money to spend in the 2016 election taking place across the Atlantic while he stares at a giant ceiling mural done by the same guy who painted the dome of the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Honorary Knight Bloomberg Buys a London Mansion