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Man Survives Fall Onto Times Square Subway Tracks

Manhattan, New York City, New York State, USA --- Commuters Waiting for Subway.
Photo: Andria Patino/Corbis? Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

Commuters at Times Square witnessed a terrifying scene Friday morning: A 27-year-old man apparently fainted and fell onto the subway tracks as a downtown N train pulled into the station. The train didn’t stop in time and ran right over the man — but apparently avoided hitting him, as he was caught in between the rails, says the NYPD. Emergency workers pulled the victim, who was reportedly conscious, onto the platform. He’s said to be in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital. An N train rider told Gothamist that she felt the train jolt to a stop before Times Square; riders had to evacuate the train after power was cut to the NQR lines, but at least this harrowing subway incident ended with just some minor train delays.

Man Survives Fall Onto Subway Tracks