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Police Catch Man Suspected of Taking Bag of Money ATM Workers Accidentally Left Behind

Smiling man holding money bags and bundles of cash
Photo: H. Armstrong Roberts/Corbis

Alton Harvey, a man suspected of taking a bag of money that employees forgot on the ground earlier this week was caught yesterday. Police found him after following a Chevrolet Tahoe with temporary tags that had been bought the same day as the bag, which had $150,000 inside, disappeared from outside an ATM in Mahwah, New Jersey. Harvey has been charged with theft of mislaid property; police are still looking for another suspected accomplice. Police Chief James Batelli told CBS New York, “This comes down to the issue of doing what is right and if you find something — now whether the value is $150,000 or $100 — somebody lost that item, that money.” Authorities have decided that the ATM workers, one of whom began to hyperventilate after he realized the bag was missing, were not involved in the crime.

Man Suspected of Stealing ATM Cash Caught