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Mexicans Pummel Piñatas of New National Villain Donald Trump

When Donald Trump announced his farcical campaign for the U.S. presidency a few weeks ago, he hurled mild insults at all the usual suspects — President Obama, his Republican rivals — but he saved his most vicious words for Mexican immigrants. They’re drug runners and “rapists,” he said, the “worst people” from the entire country.

Obviously, those comments didn’t go over well in Mexico and now the nation has united under a common mission: crapping on Donald Trump. For some businesspeople, that has meant severing ties with Trump and his properties, but for 99 percenters, it means whipping out a broomstick and bludgeoning a papier-mâché version of the orange-faced mogul.

Piñata-maker Dalton Ramirez began crafting effigies of Trump after the speech and told The Guardian that it’s proving particularly popular. Here’s a video of him making the masterpiece:

Thump a Trump! Donald Trump Turned into Piñata... by Ruptly_english

For his part, Trump expressed slight regret at the remarks on Saturday during an appearance on Fox and Friends. He didn’t apologize, but he did say, “I think it’s bad for my brand.” Meanwhile, some Mexicans in Mazatlan celebrated July 4 like this:

Mexicans Pummel Piñatas of Donald Trump