Person Related to Several Presidents Still Rebelling Against Washington

Jeb Bush Announces Candidacy For President
Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Jeb Bush, a man related to more presidents than most people, would like to remind you that he thinks Washington is just so gross. 

Should I win this election, you will not find me deferring to the settled ways of ‘Mount Washington,’ either,” he said in a speech today in Tallahassee, or as gubernatorial candidate Jeb Bush liked to call it, Mount Tallahassee. “Mount Washington” is not to be confused with the actual Mount Washington, a place in a state Jeb Bush would like to win a primary, where his father, a very important D.C. insider, once gave a speech

Bush announced his plan to reduce the government workforce by 10 percent if president and to make it harder for members of Congress to become lobbyists quickly. And Bush, whose presidential lineage would impress everyone except Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr., repeatedly bemoaned all the problems in “that city.”

Bush, of the White House Bushes, has spoken about how he is just like voters and not like people who work in Washington several times before.

Someone needs to tell him that when kids rebel against their parents and their boring jobs, they usually aren’t simultaneously interviewing for the same gig.

Person Related to Several Presidents Hates D.C.