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Rick Perry Down to a Single Felony Charge

Thom Tillis Attends The Conservative Rally In NC Ahead Of Midterm Elections
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As you may recall, Republican Rick Perry was charged last summer with felony abuse of power and coercion of a public servant. (The indictment stemmed from the then Texas governor’s decision to veto funding to a unit headed by a Democratic district attorney who’d refused to resign after being caught driving drunk.) The accusations were probably overblown, but any felonies are a bad look for a guy running for president, which Perry is (again). On Friday morning, Perry got one step closer to a clean slate when a Texas appeals court dropped the coercion charge on First Amendment grounds. “The remaining charge is hanging by a thread, and we are confident that once it is put before the court, it will be dismissed on its face,” said Perry’s lawyer, Tony Buzbee. Either way, we’ll always have that mug shot

Rick Perry Now Only Facing Single Felony Charge