Staten Island Pedestrians Under Attack by Paintballs

Man Loading Paintball Gun — Image by © Steve Nagy/Design Pics/Corbis Photo: Steve Nagy/Design Pics/Corbis

Cops are investigating a slew of paintball attacks in Staten Island this weekend, where at least five people got blasted, including a woman walking her dog and a senior citizen out strolling with her husband, reports ABC News. All appear to have been drive-bys. While no one was seriously injured, victims were left with some very painful-looking welts:

At least one of the incidents is being investigated as a possible hate crime, after an Orthodox Jewish man was shot with a paintball while out with his family. The Staten Island attacks follow a series of assaults since March in Williamsburg in which Orthodox Jewish men have been shot with paintballs. The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is looking at whether there might be a link between the sprees. 

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