Everyone Is Taking Selfies in the White House Today

All millennials traveling to D.C. have been waiting for the day when they could immediately post to Facebook every moment of their White House Tour. Well, that day has officially arrived — First Lady Michelle Obama took to Instagram (where else) to announce that the White House is ending its near-40-year ban on photos, effective immediately. Of course, there are still some restrictions, including no selfie sticks, but get ready for the social-media flood of hashtag WhiteHouseTours. Because nothing says freedom quite like the chance to take a photo in the Oval Office, here are some selfies from the first wave of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue photos to go up on Instagram.

hurricane force winds as President Obama flies off in Marine One. #whitehousetour

A photo posted by leonor mamanna (@leonorjr) on

Continuing my weekend series of "Views from President's Homes" #whitehousetour

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#whitehousetour Checking out Ronald Reagan!

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Photobomb by @thepointsguy in the #redroom #whitehousetour 📷 @whitehouse #exactlylikenothingelse

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This happens sometimes. #WhiteHouseTour #Nationals #RacingPresidents #WHHA

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One of the first photos ever allowed on #whitehousetour

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So long #whitehousetour photo ban! Selfies all around!

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#Selfie in the White House #WhiteHouseTour

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When @whitehouse lifts the photo ban, you obviously have to #selfie. #WhiteHouseTour

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#WhiteHouseTour @whitehouse

A photo posted by Kelly Sharon (@kellylovestype) on

Sven sitting on a Presidential eagle table in the White House #whitehousetour

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White House Says Photos Are Allowed