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Port Authority Begs Airport Terminal Stores to Stop Selling Drones

Photo: Brendan Hunter/Getty Images

After reported this morning that drones were available for purchase at Brookstone and Hudson News locations at Newark International Airport, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said it was “strongly opposed to the sale of drones at terminal shops” and that they should stop being sold “immediately.” The New York Post reports that a Brookstone in Terminal 7 at JFK International Airport also sells drones, which have recently scared the crap out of pilots at JFK and Newark. There have been more than 650 drone sightings at airports so far this year. 

The stores already said they would quickly send the drones packing in Newark — but they also noted that they didn’t quite see what the big deal was, as the drones are toys and it seemed unlikely that travelers would stop to test out their new drones in the airport parking lot. “We’re not here to cause panic in the streets,” the spokesperson for Hudson News’ parent company told “If it is uncomfortable for customers or the airport, we will do what we always do in that situation, and that’s remove them.” An airport law enforcement official that the Post spoke to had a different opinion on the drone sales taking place not too far away from where their brethren were playing poltergeist. “This is obviously not a very well thought out retail strategy.”

Airport Begs Stores to Stop Selling Drones