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Authorities Haven’t Found Origin of ‘God Awful’ Smell in Staten Island

Woman holding nose outdoors
Photo: Jupiterimages/Getty Images

This morning, several Staten Island residents called the police and fire department to report a foul-smelling odor. Officials still don’t seem to have figured out the origin of the mysterious funk. 

The Staten Island Advance began cataloguing the many reports they had received from expert-scent correspondents throughout the borough. The dispatches often involved a fishy smell, but they were diverse enough that it made the odor sound like the work of a fragrance-minded boggart that took on the stench of the worst thing each person could imagine.


The Advance asked for readers to share their thoughts on the smell in the comments section; the helpful submissions included, That’s not an odor, that’s Staten Island!” and “Garbage juice.”


Authorities Unsure Why Staten Island Stinks