Donald Trump Talked to Bill Clinton About His Interest in Republican Politics Earlier This Year

Who wants to play checkers with Clinton next?

The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump, currently leading the Republican primary polls, talked on the phone with former president Bill Clinton in May about his desire to get more involved in politics. The former president reportedly didn’t tell Trump to run — but he did say that the businessman might have luck attracting conservatives frustrated with the existing field. In recent head-to-head general election polls, Hillary Clinton — the Democratic front-runner who happens to be married to the guy who might have told the reality-TV star that getting more involved in politics was a great idea — trounces Trump far more decisively than she does candidates like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. It is not clear whether Clinton will try to further mold the Republican primary race by convincing Elon Musk and Newt Gingrich to colonize the moon and name Jeb Bush secretary of State.

The Clintons attended Trump’s most recent wedding reception — and received political and charitable donations from him. Their public relationship hasn’t been quite as nice lately.


Bill Clinton Talked to Trump About GOP Politics