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Canadian Man Who Thinks He Probably Won’t Be Elected Kills Dragon in Campaign Ad

“Let’s be realistic … the odds of getting elected as an independent are so slim,” Wyatt Scott, who is running for Parliament in British Columbia, told The National Post. However, as his recent campaign ad shows, that doesn’t mean he can’t make voters at least pay attention to him. Scott’s ad — which looks slightly like what would happen if you took Independence Day, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Doctor Who, and Mission Impossible, mushed them all together, added a Canadian Goose sidekick, and then boiled it down to a 60-second-long Windows 96 screen-saver-inspired Old Spice commercial — cost only $1,000 to make.  

“Obviously, people don’t have attention spans nowadays, so we figured what can we do to draw attention?” he told the Post

“Growing a beard in seconds while yelling, ‘I’M RUNNING FOR PARLIAMENT’ in front of a giant Canadian flag” was definitely a possible answer to his question, although perhaps not the one most people would choose. 

Canadian Man Kills Dragon in Campaign Ad