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Social Media Documentarian Captures Prime Minister Pigging Out on Paprika Pringles

Photo: Pringles

This weekend, British prime minister David Cameron was flying back to Portugal to finish his summer vacation. He appeared to be unaware that a documentarian was seated in the row across from his, eager to turn his snack time into a Planet Earth-esque montage, zooming closer and closer with shaky-cam clarity to show what it looks like when a prominent politician pigs out on paprika Pringles. 

The caption for the video is the only place on the screen with any discernible enthusiasm (offscreen, Pringles U.K. seemed pretty excited by the unexpected endorsement, retweeting the video), making this a worthy addition to the ever-expanding art exhibit that is “politicians unwittingly being photographed on planes while they appear to be thinking about the saddest or most mundane things possible” — the airborne, freeze-frame equivalent of a Charlie Brown moment

David Cameron Pigs Out on Paprika Pringles