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Mayor de Blasio Thinks the Press Went Easy on Mayor Bloomberg

When asked to discuss his many recent headaches — from losing his fight with Uber to the city’s homeless problem to his feud with Governor Cuomo — Mayor de Blasio told the New York Times that his administration is just suffering from a perception problem. He dismissed a recent poll that shows his approval rating is only 44 percent, saying he wouldn’t be mayor if he’d listened to his low poll numbers early in the mayoral race. “I’m an object lesson in why people shouldn’t listen to mainstream polling that much,” he said.

As for whether his administration is being treated less fairly than that of previous mayors, he said Mayor Bloomberg “was covered in a very particular fashion.” “I think the media had a kind of kid-glove sensibility toward him,” the mayor said. “I think that’s well-established.”

Nanny Bloomberg” got his fair share of criticism, but on the other hand, the Daily News never ran a front page that openly declared Bloomberg was an “ass.” Maybe de Blasio has a point.

De Blasio Thinks Press Went Easy on Bloomberg